Shanghai Apartment Renovation: A Flexible Living Space

Shanghai 60 square meters apartment renovation design by Liu Jinrui. Shanghai Young Architect Liu Jinrui and his team recently successfully completed the reconstruction of a quadruple family home in the suburbs of Shanghai. It is not the well-known, glittering and crowded Shanghai, but the edge of the city where public transport and urban services are relatively scarce.

The alcove at the entrance to the tree-shaped niche is not only a rack for putting out the clothes for the next day, but also a temporary shoe-changing stool. The cartoon pattern with children's eye height helps attract children's initiative and independence to prepare for the next day's trip. Aisle extruded by the alcove showed a strong direction, after a few steps, perpendicular to the direction of the sight of the roaming runway to strengthen the living room.

All images courtesy of Liu Jinrui

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