Pink House by Mezzo Atelier, From an Old Barn into Contemporary Guesthouses

Located in São Miguel island which is known as the biggest island in the Portuguese Azores archipelago, Mezzo Atelier converted an old barn built in the beginning of 20th century into beautiful guesthouses, The idea is to balance history and contemporaneity coexist. A renovation goal is to adapt contemporary regulations while still keeping its rural atmosphere.

Custom made furniture combined with carefully designed interiors creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere, some furnitures such as tables were made from old wooden beam found in the surrounding.

New volumes were added to the main construction to make the smaller house well integrated with the main house. Aged pink color applied to the facade and outer walls, combined with the natural dark color of the stone walls makes this two guesthouses with an area of 259 m2 look outstanding.

Photos courtesy of Mezzo Atelier

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