Neoclassical Apartment from Lichuan, Hubei, China

This 114 square meters Icheon flying Washington DC model room is designed by Huang Chen Meng. The project name is Icheon Flying Washington DC Model Room in Lichuan, Hubei, China. Soft design team members are Huang Chen Meng and Bai Qing Li Ran Ran.

This a neoclassical home design with a lot of Chinese culture influence. Where does fashion and modern come from? It is to learn from the traditional nutrition, the use of new materials and processes, to re-interpret the classical elements. It is the restraint and convergence before the history, combined with the tension of the new era, the fantastic taste into real life. It is to strive to create both rich classical and full of modern fashion, romantic feelings of life.

All images are courtesy of Huang Chen Meng.

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