Memphis Design Style: A Spiritiual Journey

Sottsasi, a Memphis design core figure, a postmodernist design master, once said that: "Design is to design a way of life.. Therefore, the design is not certainty, only the possibility.. There is no eternity, only moments."

Memphisism emphasizes the rise of instantaneous emotion and intuitional emotional experience more than the memory appeal of the mainstream style design to visual senses. It advocates an attitude of daring to imagine and overthrow, breaking the rules of inheritance and stereotypes, being optimistic and fearless talking about style. Memphis's modern spirit conspired with some innate desire in human nature, exudes inexhaustible charm in response to its original concept of never satisfying it.

This house's designer, Bang Bang, said: "When we are asked about our style today, we find that no style today can really call it a modern style, forming a unique model of potential unity and distinctiveness. For me, I can not rigidly adhere to my design art, I value more is the spiritual and cultural heritage. In these new model interiors design, we learn from Memphis spiritual nourishment."

All images are courtesy of Bang Bang.

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