Day Bliss Apartment in Paris

This time Dariel Studio returned to his hometown of Paris, the firm's first private condominium project in France, at the heart of this culturally nourished land, on the 4th Avenue de Mulholland in Paris. As founder and chief designer of the firm, Thomas Dariel added his surreal footnote to his personal playfulness in Paris's elegant and refined tone. In this empty space free to play imagination, creativity, but also take into account the expectations of the owners: in the culturally rich Paris has its own personality territory.

Once inside the apartment, it is amazing that the viewer seems to be plunged into a deep blue space. Walls, ceilings, secret door are unified for monochrome processing, all the boundaries of the surface melted in a staggering way. This intense color space guides the viewer's footsteps up to the bright lights - the entrance to the living room. Corridor floor is a custom geometric carpet, not only supports the spatial structure, but also bringing a warm warmth. The carpet, about six meters long, runs through the bedroom entrance to form a complete corridor aisle. At the end of the hallway is the celadon porch table designed by Thomas Dariel for Maison DADA, a poetic object that subtly softens the corners.

Living room also continues the designer's distinctive style, bright and happy, full of all kinds of lines and color collision. Thomas specializes in adding French-specific sense of humor to the elegant and intricate interior design.

All images are courtesy of Dariel Studio.

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