Chinese Style Model Room Bringing A Zen Atmosphere

This room modelling and interior design is built by Dai Yong from Shenzhen Dai Yong Interior Design. It's a 260 square meters project in Yichang, China. The case of modern aesthetic needs to create a space full of Chinese flavor, the design into a new Oriental style, the context of traditional Chinese aesthetics can be spread. Designers focus on the idea and meaning, to seek the echo of nature and living space, precipitation impetuous heart, out of nature, above nature, so that space for a more subtle beauty.

Push the door into the table, touch of light green greeted, the entrance clever convergence of the visitor restaurant two spaces, superb layout, step by step for the King, not only the traditional winding path, suddenly feeling bright. there is a strong and natural atmosphere, eclectic Zen style mood. Project photography by B + M Studio.

All images courtesy of Shenzhen Dai Yong Interior Design.

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