A Beautiful House with a Jungle Atmosphere in Rio

Mkk house located in Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, built in 2015 by architect Luiz Gaudenzi, the programs and concept of this 502.57 sqm house development aims to further preserve the area of the terrain as large as possible without putting aside the aesthetic of the design beauty, the lush jungle around the walls proves it, almost every balconies spilling with tropical plants, as well as vines climb all over columns. A cleverly designed open layout is also applied into the house so that natural lighting can be presented it also adding spacious feel to it. This 33m x 10m wide house was designed and built for young couples with their little daughter in the southern urban area of Rio de Janeiro, the capital city of Brazil which is know as home to a third of the world's rainforests.

Photo courtesy of Luiz Gaudenzi

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