A 650-square-meter Liuzhou Guan Ya Double Cottage Villa

This 650 square meters Liuzhou Guan Ya double cottage villa model room is designed by Shenzhen Taihe South architectural interior design firm. The main case design is Wang Wuping, and participating designers are Liu Zhiyong and Liu Chunyan. Project Address in Liuzhou, Guangxi. Photographer is Guo Yanjun.

Wang Wuping is a China's famous interior designer, senior architectural interior designer, director of Shenzhen Institute of Interior Designers (SZAID), engaged in interior design for 16 years, the founder of Shenzhen Taihe South architectural interior design, and now is the director and design director.

Eastern culture is introverted, and in pursuit of spiritual values, it reaches the state of holiness. As a wisdom in the bones of the Chinese nation, Zen is used in all aspects of society. Practicing this, so is the design of the source. Design does not emphasize the form, but more important than the inner work.

Clear, introverted, extreme, the pursuit of the beauty of space is the design of the project presented; advocating culture, full of emotions and space relaxation. It does not rigidly adhere to a certain style of form. When the space design creates the ambience of this meditation, it shows the feeling of being comfortable in space and without aesthetic fatigue. This is the realm of design. No excessive decoration symbols.

All images are courtesy of Wang Wuping.

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